Deep Physio Summer Solstice Run Training

Updated: Feb 16

Half Marathon Training - Start date for 12 weeks program March 27 2017

5km/10km Training - Start date for 8 week program April 24 2017.

Links to the training program -

Half Marathon -

Choose between Novice 1/2 and Intermediate

10km -

Choose between Novice/Intermediate/Advanced

5km -,

Choose between Novice/Intermediate/Advanced

All of these programs have printable versions to follow

What we offer at Deep is different to most running programs. We are professionals with backgound in injury prevention and training. SO with that said we have decided to do something different with the training program in our new facility....

1. You will need to be screened to run and learn correctives ( are you ok to run!?) - This is will $25 for a 15 min apt that you will need to call in and book with Cody. If you are a current client and already been RECENTLY screened with Cody NO NEED to do again.

2. What are you training for? What level are you going to train at?

3. At Deep we will be doing the strength/correctives/stretching/high intensity training part of the program as this is what will keep you out of injury and gain endurance and strength for your race. YOU will have to perform the runs on your own on the scheduled days. We recommend connecting with the other group members who are of same distance/level to meet and perform you runs with you. We will be here to offer advice during the week as to how to run your runs if you are beginner but feel that our service is best conditioning you in the facility and helping you with you training.

4.Monday - 6am - Corrective exercises/pilates/stretch ( this will after your longer run Sunday)

Wednesday - 6am - High intensity run - hills/tempo

Friday 6am - Strength training and correctives.

5. Cost - same as our other classes - $12 per class with punch card = $120 for 10 session punch card. We do not encourage $15 drop in as this is a program and we are expecting you to attend weekly.

6. Please if you can sign into class prior to coming via You can see all our classes, payments and sign in!

We are so excited to offer a specific program to help you train for your race! I have been a runner for many years and treated many high level runners and our goal at Deep is for you to enjoy running/training, and to excel at the sport without injury!

Call the clinic and put your name on the list and book in for a screen before March 25!


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